Animal Protein

2018-10-07 146 words 1 min read

The body is always trying to create health. Even when we assault it with all kinds of stuff.

--- T. Colin Campbell

China Diabetes Linked to Rice with Increased Meat Consumption

Add tuna to rice creates twice the insulin spike in your body versus if you just ate rice. The addition of meat simply makes the pancreas work twice as hard.

Animal based food intake appears to increase the risk of cancer. Cancer could be easily be caused by animal protein and/or animal fat. It appears in studies that the relationship is animal food intake overall.

In contemporary nutrition:

Protein has been overemphasized

Neu5Gc in red meat and organs may pose a significant health hazard

mTOR Signaling in Growth, Metabolism, and Disease

In blue zones, the common factor between them is that they eat very little animal protein.


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Authored By Tim Brown

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