Have antibiotics destroyed gut bacteria leading to obesity, brain diseases (ASD), and premature death?

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One particularly exciting possibility is that the obesity epidemic is literally an epidemic in terms of transmitting an obesogenic microbiome from human to human.

--- Rob Knight

Very interesting correlation, don’t you think?


For human genes to have changed that rapidly over a span of 25 years. Just within one generation. Either all of the lean people would have had to have had essentially no kids or all of the obese people would have had to have had a tremendous number of kids….so that’s why we have to look for environmental causes. So one particularly exciting possibility is that the obesity epidemic is literally an epidemic in terms of transmitting an obesogenic microbiome from human to human.

Sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics, like you might get from the environment, combined with therapeutic doses that you might give a child, when you give these to young mice they can become obese later in life AND it also dramatically decreases the mouse’s lifespan.

4:13 Good chart comparison for infectious vs. chronic diseases. As one falls over time, the other rises.
13:30 Good chart comparison for antibiotic prescriptions and obesity rates.
20:23 Good visual comparison of top weight loss vs top weight gain foods (yogurt vs fries, good for microbes vs. horrible for microbes)
35:13 Excellent analogy between microbiome differences across different areas of the body and geobiome differences across the world. Good delivery and visuals as well.
36:55 Visual is difficult to understand at first, but explanation helps: C-section is not good for your microbiome, long story short.
45:10 Good Shorthand chart for what affects your microbiome. From top down:

  1. Types of plants you eat.
  2. Age
  3. IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
  4. Collection Season
  5. Antibiotic Use
  6. Sex
  7. Sleep Duration
  8. BMI (Body Mass Index, fat to muscle ratio)
  9. Types of plants you eat (6-10 vs 30+)
  10. Alcohol Consumption
  11. Exercise Frequently
  • 48:36 Best visual representation and accommodating story about fecal transplants so far. Fun conclusion with progress and smart phones.

Overall: Excellent information overall, but the delivery is very academic. Quick-paced, information-dense, good visuals, etc. A personable, charismatic speaker delivering the same information in a more understandable manner would reach more people.


I’m curious about the link of antibiotics with Alzheimer’s. I noticed a vast decline with my grandfather after shocking volumes of antibiotics

Witchy Sam

Overview and Antibiotics Effect on Your Gut

Antibiotics greatly damage the rain forest of microbes in your gut. A week’s worth of antibiotics can kill off your entire ecosystem of microbes. Also, if you eat meat, then you are getting low doses of antibiotics that were fed to the animals. It’s also fairly likely that Splenda causes massive damage too. In rats, the equivalent of one packet of Splenda killed 50% of the rat’s microbes.


Marty Blaser

“Blaser and his colleagues progressively developed a body of research that provided evidence that gastric colonization by this organism provided protection against the esophageal diseases of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), Barrett’s esophagus, and esophageal adenocarcinoma, work that has been confirmed by independent investigators.[25] His work has suggested a benefit of H. pylori against such early life illnesses as childhood diarrhea and asthma. This work is consistent with the hypothesis that H. pylori is an ancient, universal inhabitant of the human stomach[26] that has been disappearing as a result of 20th century changes in socio-economic status, including the use of antibiotics.”
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_J._Blaser


Good foods

  • Yogurt
  • Nuts

Bad food

  • “Our friend the fry.”


  1. 1.8X increased risk of Obesity if antibiotics were used during pregnancy
  2. Antibiotics and Vitamin D are associated with many of the same diseases

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Authored By Tim Brown

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