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I'm wearing a sport coat, so that you'll trust me.

--- Kent Thornburg

It is very interesting that both small and large babies will be more vulnerable for heart disease for the rest of their lives, and that they will also pass on this vulnerability on to their kids.

Our children are the first generation that represents three generations of eating processed food.

--- Kent Thornburg

The egg that made you was made in your mother’s ovary when she was still in your grand mothers womb, so it was actually nourished by your grand mother. This is The 100 Year Effect: The concept that nutrition flows across generations. This is the idea that a baby is fed not just by the food the mother eats, but by their grand mother and also by the body that their mother nourished as a child.

Better The Future

You are the answer.

--- Kent Thornburg

School meals matter. Children consume as much as one-half of their daily calories at school. As a result, the food kids eat at school can either be an opportunity to encourage healthy eating behaviors and curb America’s childhood obesity epidemic, or can be a contributor to poor health and increased chronic disease risk.”*

The prevalence of obesity was 39.8% among adults and 18.5% among youth in the United States in 2015–2016.*

We are winning the obesity epidemic. At least our corporations are trying to get the rest of the world caught up. Remember that there is a difference between common and normal. It may be common that most people in the US are obese, but it’s not normal and there is a relationship to chronic diseases that goes along with it. People need to definitely NOT Yo-Yo Diet though. We need to re-evaluate our relationship to food and the predatory consumer nature of the food industry. I don’t want anyone telling me not to eat a Twinkie, but the “happiness” cost is huge. This is why eating habits matter for everyone, both children and adults.



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Authored By Tim Brown

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