Tabata: The 4 Minute Fat-burning Miracle

2018-10-07 177 words 1 min read

Okay, maybe not so much a miracle as 4 minutes of torture :)


  • It’s Efficient - High intensity, short duration
  • Increase Aerobic and Anaerobic Endurance
  • You’ll Obliterate Fat
  • You’ll Build a Healthier Heart
  • It Promotes Weight Loss and Muscle Growth
  • You Can Do It Anywhere - There’s No Equipment Necessary

How It Works

Tabata is 4-6 minutes. If you dont drop to the ground after 6 minutes then you’re not pushing hard enough and you’re just doing HIIT. HIIT is 15-20 minutes. More than 20 is med to low intensity cardio and you lose the testosterone boosting benefit from doing HIIT. Tabata and HIIT may not burn as much as doing hours of cardio but it boosts your metabolism so you continue to burn after the workout.


An example of a Tabata workout looks like this:

  1. Push-ups (4 minutes)
  2. Bodyweight Squats (4 minutes)
  3. Burpees (4 minutes)
  4. Mountain Climbers (4 minutes)

Bodyweight Tabata Workout from Shaun T


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Authored By Tim Brown

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