Ideal Human Diet: Starch?

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The Diet of Kings and Queens.

--- John McDougall

How can we compete with the world on the SAD, the Standard American Diet? So far, our current solution is to make the rest of the world sick. We have a society of not just sick adults, but sick children. Industry has won, Americans have lost.

When you stop doing things that make people sick, they get well.

--- John McDougall

This could easily be associated to the replacement of whole foods with sugar and processed foods. The increase in animal protein/sat fat intake has other negative affects.

  • Blue zones tend not to eat a lot of meat or protein rich foods outside of beans and nuts.
  • Court of King Henry the 8th looked like modern day Americans.
  • Protein is tough for the body to break down and you don’t need a lot unless if you’re weight lifting.
  • Tribes historically have been highly unsuccessful at hunting. Research is showing that it was more of a gathering type event for the men. Kind of like going out for a game of golf can be for guys.

Eat a starch based diet of rice, corn, sweet potatoes, etc; and combine them primarily with vegetables and fruit.

The Potato Hack ( Diet )

Cooling potatoes causes them to change to resistant starch, so it doesn’t affect your blood sugar as much.

Our current civilizations developed on these mostly grains; two of them even have gluten. genes1


  1. The Starch Solution - John McDougall MD (FULL TALK)
  2. Resistant Starch 101 — Everything You Need to Know
  3. How to Eat Like a Japanese Person

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