Nutrition Causes Cancer, Not Genetics

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How might protein “turn on” cancer? What’s the mechanism?

Every time they looked for a mechanism protein above a certain level turned out to be turning on cancer. There is a complexity involved that we simply don’t understand. Cancer we all tend to agree tends to start with a gene being mutated. The simple replacement of nutrient dense food (like whole vegetables and fruit) with nutrient poor foods (like highly processed food, refined processed flour, sugar, seed oils, meat, etc.) seems to be correlated to chronic diseases and cancer. Trying to make up for it with vitamin supplements has repeatably shown to actually raise death rates. Again, there appears to be a level of complexity involved with vitamin absorption that current science doesn’t understand. Get your vitamins from whole food sources; it’s the only reliable source that we currently have in the year 2020.

Obviously, genetics play A role in getting various forms of cancer, but remember GENES ARE NOT DESTINY. You control what you put into your body and that directly impacts your statistical odds of developing cancer. Period.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

--- Hippocrates, the father of medicine 460-357 BC

Health-care VS Illness-care

Health care is what an individual person does for their own well being (first-person, as the doctor says), but when a person’s condition requires a third person intervention (the medical establishment), I see it then not as health care, but as illness care. In the US, the “health care” system is no such thing at all. It is an illness care system, because if the individual is eating as Dr. Campbell suggests, then usually there is no need for illness care (third-person). So, I see our massive, profit-driven medical establishment in this country as a colossal illness care system, treating illnesses (for the most part) that are brought on by the individual due to substandard eating and lifestyle choices. What feeds this broken “health care” system is multi-faceted:

  1. most people want quick and easy solutions such as pills or surgery, rather than a lifetime fitness regimen and proper eating
  2. doctors are quick to give the public what they want because it means more money in their pockets, and they have no training in nutrition in the first place
  3. insurance companies earn their massive profits on this broken system, not on folks who eat properly, exercise regularly, and remain healthy
  4. the average person sees all the conflicting internet claims on how to eat, has no time to personally research and study it, and therefore remains confused about the reality and importance of human dietary needs
  5. this illness care system has been growing and going on for so long in this country that it is now a gargantuan monster that is nearly impossible to stop, an out-of-control nightmare that fosters poor health and early death.

That’s my brief take on things based on what I have learned over the past forty years (my singular essential goal in life is to live long and finish strong, and my extensive study of all facets of this eternal dietary discussion has clearly demonstrated to me personally that a whole food plant based diet is the best course of action. It is apparent to me that the manner in which most people in this country eat and live is not working very well, with medical intervention the norm, and a society where it is expected that everyone is on prescription drugs of some kind.

The Iron Vegan

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  • Max Gerson
  • Norman W. Walker
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Authored By Tim Brown

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