Your Office Job is Killing You!

2018-10-07 307 words 2 mins read

5 days a week I wake up laying in a bed after sleeping, drive for 45 minutes, sit for most of the next 8 hours, then drive 45 minutes home. That’s approaching 18 hours a day of laying / sitting daily!


I spend A LOT of time sitting or laying down. Well over 2/3s of my day in fact most days. For years I’d workout 3 times a week and thought that it would be enough to counter the affects of my office environment. After 12 years my wrists and back started to continually ache day and night. I’m lucky enough to work for a company that has an ergonomics division and I had someone come out and do an evaluation of my work space. They changed the entire setup and I was able to obtain a sit/stand desk.

Two weeks later I was sitting at my desk and realized that the pain was completely gone; from EVERYWHERE. I still normally stand for only two hours a day, but it has made a difference with my back. The chair and desk positioning changes were essential in order to relieve the pain that was radiating from my wrists through my shoulders.

Things most of us office workers could do more of:
- Standing for more hours.
- Looking away from your monitor at distant objects more often.
- Stretching.

Quick 9 Step Guide:

This guy covers a lot of various aspects with LOTS of thoughts and more detailed videos:

The picture at the very of of this video has the current recommendations that I have found for adjustments. I see a lot of bad advice mixed in with good, such as sitting with your back at exactly 90 degrees forcing your spine to support your weight; yeah, don’t do that:



Authored By Tim Brown

Have the attitude and honest belief that if you give it your all it will be done. One day or day one.

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