Phosphate Additive Health Risks

2018-10-07 223 words 2 mins read

Another reason to stay away from meat (chicken is included with this one; they get injected too) and cola.

Phosphates are added to cola to keep it from turning black. It’s added to meat, so that the meat retains water and also yields higher profits for the seller. It causes our arteries to stiffen up within two hours. It’s actually illegal in the EU, but 11 different phosphates can be injected into meats in the US. The reason why it is illegal is because phosphate is a vascular toxin.

What’s Wrong With Phosphates?

Although vegatables have close to the same amount of phosphates as meats, the phosphates they have are mostly undigestible so they simply pass through your system.

Most Poultry Has Phosphates

Phosphates actually increase the presense of certain bacteria that cause paralysis.

How to Avoid Phosphates?

Unfortunately, phosphates don’t have to be listed on product packaging. More than 90% of chicken products in the US contain phosphates. It’s actually in a lot of cheese too. You can even find “sodium aluminum phosphate”, which of course has phosphate AND aluminum all in one! One grilled cheese sandwich made with cheese containing aluminum can exceed the WHO’s tolerable intake by over 400%! One method is to simply avoid anything that has a listed ingredient that contains “phos”, like monocalcium “phos”phate.


Authored By Tim Brown

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