The Potato Hack

2018-10-07 191 words 1 min read


That's another fascinating aspect about diet, is how much of our life we are willing to forego health, happiness, all these different things, just for some simply mouth pleasure, for a few moments.

--- Joe Rogan

The Potato Hack ( Diet )

Cooling potatoes causes them to change to resistant starch, so it doesn’t affect your blood sugar as much. The reward factor is something that really needs to be addressed. If you can lower the reward factor, than you’ll likely eat less. The food industry has engineered their foods to have the highest reward factor possible, so you end up overeating.

Chris Kresser & Joe Rogan

With the potato hack, heating and then cooling the potatoes change their digestible starches into resistant starches through a process called retrogradation. As a result, the potato moves through your stomach and small intestine undigested. Then is makes it to your colon where friendly gut bacteria can feed on it. This is another reason why the potato hack works is the connection between having an unhealthy gut microbiome to obesity and diabetes. With this diet you are simply eating less sugar and processed foods.

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Authored By Tim Brown

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