Obesity, Weight Loss, and The Fight To Survive

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Microbial transplants prove causality, even work for behavior (in mice)

Microbiome Relationship to Obesity?

Classifying lean vs obese based on:

  • human genes has an accuracy of 57%
  • microbial genes has an accuracy of 90%

Microbial genes simply play a large role and have a strong relationship to obesity. But why?

This presentation by Rob Knight is one of the most eye-opening presentations I’ve ever seen on health in general. I simply didn’t have much knowledge on the effects of our gut on our health. He covers a lot of information that led me down various other paths related to our microbiomes. As a warning, it is dense, but if you really care about health, wellness, and obesity related topics, then it’s worthwhile to watch from start to finish. Not all of it may apply to humans, but the concepts and ideas presented are areas with exploring. It provides numerous connections and has the potential to change your view about what is going on in America.

Obesity is an epidemic that isn’t normal and already has had a significant on people’s lives. With the high rates of chronic illnesses for Americans it will eventually lead to significant negative impacts for the United States as a whole. These chronic illnesses are potentially killing the future Einstein’s and leaders that would have propelled America forward as the continued leader of the free world. Over time we will slowly fall behind and be left to pick up the pieces that will further be crippled by an expensive and “successfully rich” healthcare system built around the treatment of these diseases, rather than one that prevents them in the first place.

We're setup to fail. Anyone who sets out to be lean and fit and healthy is swimming upstream.

--- Chris Kresser

No One Size Fits All

Absolutely no reason NOT to spend almost 3 hours on this one either. It initially seems like way too much time, but if you are curious and care about hearing a candid conversation in regards to the spike in chronic diseases over the past 30+ years Chris Kresser and Joe Rogan cover a lot. You could spend weeks trying to piece some of the points made both in this video, along with the one above, or you could simply spend the 4 hours on these two. Do listen skeptically, but don’t simply write it off and fiction. I personally don’t think it is fiction. What if they are on the right track? Then what? The epidemic chronic illnesses facing Americans will have consequences. That is a fact.

We know that information alone is not enough to change behavior.

--- Chris Kresser

How To Save Money Healthcare

Information alone isn’t enough. Think about all of the effort spent on campaigns like “don’t do drugs”. Maybe 1% of people internalize the information. Maybe…

Hormones are what is driving fuel partitioning.

--- Peter Attia

Hormones and Fat Cells

You want smaller fat cells. You want to manipulate your hormones to create a negative fat balance. The likely primary key hormone is insulin and the easiest way to lower that is to not eat. Reducing carbohydrate consumption is another way. Cortisol is another hormone, which is affected by stress so you can actually eat the same diet and gain or lose weight depending on your stress levels.

Eat less, move more, and keep breathing.

--- Ruben Meerman

How do we actually lose weight?

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Authored By Tim Brown

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