The Cause of Heart Disease

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Those with cardiovascular disease not identified with diabetes...are simply undiagnosed.

--- Dr. Joseph R. Kraft

Heart Disease Connection to “Processed Food Disease” ( aka Type 2 Diabetes )

Ivor Cummins

Three main punches that cause insulin resistance:

  1. Too many carbs (glucose).
  2. Too much fructose (table sugar, soft drinks, etc.).
  3. Any combination of genetics, poor sleep, low vit D, sedentary behavior, low omega 3, high omega 6 seed oils, smoking.

Insulin Resistance Breakdown in 3 Minutes

The Kraft “Diabetes In Situ” Test


The Earliest Way to Diagnose Diabetes

Root Cause Diagram of CVD (cardiovascular disease)


Primary Root Causes
  • excess fructose
  • excess carb
  • low omega 3
  • high omega 6
  • sun exposure and vit D
  • sub-optimal K2, C, Mg
  • genetic
  • lack of sleep and exercise
  • smoking
  • pollutants
  • other more rare factors

The Power of the CAC Score

The CAC (Coronary Artery Calcium) is a high speed xray that freezes the heart like a strobe, so that you can see the calcium. With the Framingham score you are some questions which is combined with a few markers, then a doctor has to guess. It doesn’t work! Calcium actually sees the disease. The Framingham score would NEVER be used in engineering.



The Cause of Heart Disease - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

The cause of Heart Disease as explained by Dr. Rhonda Patrick:

  • We do not get enough short chain fatty acids (fruits, veggie, barley, and oats) and we get too much sugar. This causes not enough mucin being produced by your gut bacteria ( mucin acts like a wall separating good bacteria from immune cells ).
  • The lack of a gut barrier (wall) causes a war between the immune cells and the good gut bacteria.
  • As this war occurs, something called endotoxin is released.
  • Endotoxin swims around in the bloodstream, but if it does so for too long, you will die. Our body has a way to avoid this: endotoxin hooks onto LDL (The problem: this is the same place LDL uses to get back to the liver when it recycles the rest of the cholesterol that wasn’t used).
  • Because endotoxin has blocked the place LDL uses to get back to the liver, the LDL becomes stuck in the bloodstream.
  • The immune cells see these two guys and freak out because endotoxin is bad and cannot be in our bloodstream (or we will die).
  • These immune cells try to kill it, but they can’t because it isn’t alive, it’s not bacteria.
  • As the immune cells have been fighting off this endotoxin on the LDL, they secrete a bunch of Inflammatory cytokines (basically little army men who kill bad bacteria) which call more guys over to the battle scene - which isn’t even a battle since there isn’t really an enemy.
  • This is what’s commonly known as a “plaque” or a foam cell, which is really just a bunch of immune cells stuck to this poor LDL who had some endotoxin leach onto it.
  • This becomes stuck in your circulation and leads to what we all know as heart disease.
  • SO, saturated fat DOES produce more cholesterol, but “clogged arteries” aren’t the result unless the gut barrier is compromised which is caused by the current standard American diet ( SAD ).

Things to keep in mind:

  • LDL IS NOT CHOLESTEROL. It just carries cholesterol and certain vitamins to the cell
  • Cholesterol is essential to the cell membranes of all cells
  • HDL’s job is to bring the cholesterol away from the cell

Sydney D (YouTube comment)

Further Research

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